We are not Successful Unless You are Successful


“I’ll bet that last freeze really helped you out because you get to sell more tomato plants to all those people who had theirs freeze!”

We have heard this countless times in the past few weeks, after late freezes played havoc with some tender plants.

No, we never like for people to lose plants they have spent time and money on. Although it may seem counter-intuitive to you, but we want all your plants to survive and thrive!

Here’s why:  People who have plants die often blame themselves. “I just don’t have a green thumb.” Instead of asking for help to improve their odds of success, they just give up. Many novice gardeners just drop out after they lose the first plants they try.

So that dead tomato plant may not represent a chance to make another sale — it may represent a potential customer lost for all time.

Our very best customers are the best gardeners. They have success after success. The fact that their plants thrive makes them want more plants. If they lose a plant now and then, they chalk it up to experience and try again.

So, no, we are not waiting for your plants to die so we can sell you new ones. We want to sell you more plants because you are having a great gardening experience. And if all your plants are doing well, you’ll be back in to buy fertilizers, pest control, and yes, more plants!

Let us help you find the joy of successful gardening!