Spring into Action — Indoors!

Feb 2019

It’s too early for Spring Fever, but a warm day in February leads to pre-spring fever. Why not satisfy some of that urge by doing some indoor cultivating?

Indoor plants are trending now, even among those who have never had an outdoor space to tend.  Indoor foliage adds beauty, and there is mounting research showing that indoor plants contribute to overall health. Studies performed by NASA and other agencies have shown that plants can not only produce oxygen in homes and commercial buildings, they also remove toxins such as formaldehyde from the air. They also show that adding greenery to indoor spaces can reduce stress and increase productivity.

The NASA study recommended maintaining one medium-sized plant per 100 square feet of floor space. Chances are, you don’t have nearly enough plants!

There are a great many tropical plants that will perform well indoors, especially if you give them sufficient light. Remember, our homes are designed to keep the hot sun OUT, so some artificial light will help your house plants. Be certain that your plants are in pots with good drainage and planted in GOOD potting soil. That means, stay away from the cheap brands (even those widely advertised name brands) sold in the big chain stores. Most of those soils are terrible!

Maintaining a good watering schedule is the trick — and the trick is, don’t go by a schedule! Your plants’ needs will change as they grow, as the weather changes, and with the amount of light they get. So IF THE SOIL IS DRY, WATER! IF IT IS DAMP, DON’T WATER!

We have just received two big shipments of house plants, so even if the weather outside turns frightful again, you can satisfy your need for some growing things in your home and office!