• Smith’s will receive frequent shipments of sod during the growing season.
  • Because it has a very short shelf life, you should place your order for a time that you know you will be able to pick it up and immediately put it out and water it in.
  • Before placing your order, measure the area you want to cover and determine how many square feet you will need. Please read all instructions before placing your order.
  • Because new sod is highly perishable, we cannot guarantee it. Please download instructions for caring for new sod on our website. Click HERE

If you have deep shade, let us help you choose a groundcover that thrives in shade.
There is not a good turf grass for deep shade here.

These prices are for sod picked up at our store. If delivery is required, please call us at 940-692-7100. The reduced price for a full pallet only applies if we can load a full pallet with the forklift. If we must load pieces by hand, the higher price per piece applies. We will send you an email or text message when your sod is available. It must be picked up within 24 hours after we notify you.

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