New Year’s Resolutions


We probably already know what some of your New Year’s resolutions are:  Eat healthy; exercise more; lose weight; save money; make better investments; maybe even help the environment.

Have you thought about how your friends at Smith’s can help you with all these resolutions?

If you want to eat healthy, lose weight, maybe even save money, now is the time to plant fruit trees and start planning a vegetable garden. Before you know it, we will have onion slips, seed potatoes and cool season crops like cabbage and broccoli available. Any of the milder winter days are great for preparing a garden plot by tilling in compost or building a raised bed. Just choose a sunny spot and come to Smith’s for a list of planting times for your favorite vegetables.

Even if you have very limited space, you can fill a container or two with herbs. Those fragrant plants might encourage you to cook at home and prepare healthier meals.

How about saving money and investing? When you invest in your home by improving the landscape, you automatically add value to one of your biggest investments. Let us help you choose plants for a new flower bed. As your trees and shrubs grow and mature, they become more valuable as they add to your enjoyment of your home.

And finally — exercise. Tackle as much of this work as you can handle yourself, because gardening is great exercise.

And in my book, your beautiful yard is much more fun than the gym!