Grasshopper Early Warning


Grasshoppers are some of the most destructive pests around.  In a bad year, they can strip every leaf from your vegetable garden, ornamental landscape, even commercial crops.  Full-grown grasshoppers are very hard to kill.

BUT, early in the summer, while they are still small, they can be easily and safely controlled with NOLO bait.  NOLO is a naturally-occurring bacteria that attacks grasshoppers and crickets and acts as a growth regulator — meaning they eat the bait, then they cannot shed their skin, so they will DIE!  The other great thing about NOLO is that it will not harm birds, mammals or beneficial insects.

So if you are seeing large numbers of small grasshoppers, the time to act is now.  Come get some NOLO bait and scatter it around your property. Stop the destruction before it starts!