Fall Chores

10 25 17

FALL CHORES The cooler weather and changing leaves tell us that our landscape plants are going dormant for a winter rest. You should change your gardening routine accordingly.

If you have an automatic sprinkler system, TURN IT OFF. Your lawn grass and landscape plants need very little water when they are dormant. You will need to water only if we get no rain for several weeks. Water your pansies when they are dry, and plants in pots may need some supplemental water, but no need to water the entire yard just to take care of a few plants.

It is still a great time to plant trees and shrubs, so come out and take a look at our outstanding selection. Remember, we can arrange to deliver and/or plant your selections for you. Just ask about the cost.


We always have questions about what plants need protection when the first freeze arrives. Of course, your summer annual bedding plants will die when we get the first freeze, but let them go – they have done their job for the year.

If you have tropical plants, such as tropical hibiscus or bougainvillea, you will need to bring them in when temperatures drop below 40 degrees, if you want to carry them over to next summer. However, these plants need so much sun that they will be unhappy inside the house and will look pretty sorry by next spring. Since they are not usually terribly expensive, consider telling them “Thanks for the memories” and getting a new one next summer.

There is no need to worry about protecting perennials, shrubs or trees. Just relax and enjoy the change in the weather.

When the plants are dormant, your bird feeders will likely come alive with visitors. During late summer and early fall, the natural sources of food are so plentiful that the birds may not visit your feeders very often.

But colder weather means fewer insects (Hooray!) for birds to eat and no many seeds in the fields.

Take advantage of this time of year by welcoming the many bird species in our area.

First, clean your feeders and clean out any caked or old seed. Add some fresh (yes, birds don’t like stale food) Wild Birds Unlimited bird seed.

Try some additional feeders with our suet products or Jim’s Birdacious Bark Butter to attract even more kinds of birds.

If you have squirrels in your yard, you may want to try a squirrel-proof feeder or some types of food that the squirrels don’t like.

Come get some expert advice on enjoying your winter visitors more.


From now on, it will be very difficult to obtain grass sod, so if you still need some, call right away to place an order.