Moisture Stress Cuts Both Ways


If you are noticing plants that have brown, crispy leaf margins and even yellowing leaves, they are probably experiencing moisture stress.  That means not enough moisture is getting to the leaves from the root system.  This could be because the soil is dry.  Or it could be because the soil stayed too wet and caused some roots to rot so … Read More

Grasshopper Early Warning


Grasshoppers are some of the most destructive pests around.  In a bad year, they can strip every leaf from your vegetable garden, ornamental landscape, even commercial crops.  Full-grown grasshoppers are very hard to kill. BUT, early in the summer, while they are still small, they can be easily and safely controlled with NOLO bait.  NOLO is a naturally-occurring bacteria that … Read More

Here are the top 10 most common mistakes we see from beginner gardeners:

Top 10

Not investing enough in their soil-Our desire for instant gratification means that we have a tendency to want to buy the bigger, more beautiful plant. People use up most of their gardening budget when buying the plants, then don’t want to spend even more money buying quality soil. Spend a little less money on plants and more money amending your … Read More