Welcome to Smith’s Gardentown D.I.Y. Lawn Care Center!

Applying the correct fertilizer and weed control to keep your lawn looking healthy and lush is not difficult. The difficult part is knowing what products to use, when to use them and then finding time to get to the store to purchase the proper products and applying them at the right time.

We have the solution!

Do you ever wonder if your current lawn service company is applying all of the products you are paying for?

With Smith’s Gardentown D.I.Y. Lawn Care Service here is what you receive:

  • As a Subscriber, you will receive the proper products at the right time, delivered to your home.
  • You apply the products, saving money and taking the guess work out of when to apply the products.
  • We deliver the correct amount of products to your door. No waste and no added expense.
  • You save money by doing it yourself.
  • We will notify you via e mail when it’s time for another application and the delivery date. You don’t need to worry about your next application.
  • All for less than $20 per month! (Based on the average yard size of 5,000 sq. ft.)

Once you sign up as a Subscriber the staff at Smith’s Gardentown will measure your lawn and provide you an estimate of the amount of products you will need. Then four times per year, we will automatically deliver the products you need to apply, with instructions, customized for the season and for your yard!


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DISCLAIMER: Although pre-emergent weed controls will stop the germination of many lawn weeds, they cannot prevent every weed. Pre-emergents stop seeds from germinating when applied prior to germination, and when properly watered into the soil. Perennials like Dallis grass, nutsedge (nutgrass) and even dandelions come back from the root each year, so some post-emergent weed treatments will be necessary. Please ask us for more information

Fertilizers cannot solve every problem with your lawn. For instance, no grass can thrive under thick shade trees, and fertilizing will not promote grass growth in shady areas. Likewise, some lawns have particular soil issues that can only be identified with a proper soil test. We are happy to help you with such questions.

Sign up today and let’s get started making your lawn healthy, beautiful and hassle free!