What You Need to Know About Rose Rosette Disease

June 2018

Avid rosearians have long been aware of Rose Rosette Disease and its devastating effects. Rose rosette is the Emaravirus and it is spread from plant to plant by mites that are almost microscopic. Although the mites are too small to see, the effects of rose rosette are quite obvious. Numerous small, red stems come off a single branch, which is … Read More

It’s Time to Stop Blaming the Drought

May 2018

Although our terrible drought and the draconian watering restrictions are now more than three years in the past, we talk to several people every day who are still blaming the drought because their yards look terrible. Yes, the drought did a lot of damage, and yes, some things are slow to recover. But it is time to move on and … Read More

We are not Successful Unless You are Successful


“I’ll bet that last freeze really helped you out because you get to sell more tomato plants to all those people who had theirs freeze!” We have heard this countless times in the past few weeks, after late freezes played havoc with some tender plants. No, we never like for people to lose plants they have spent time and money … Read More

Driving Regulations May Soon Be Driving Inflation

February 2018

Prepare for some sticker shock in the near future — on everything! Like most retailers in the country, most of the goods we bring into our store come by truck. I take that back — ALL the goods we bring into our store come by truck. And we are hearing from every one of our suppliers to expect much higher … Read More

New Year’s Resolutions


We probably already know what some of your New Year’s resolutions are:  Eat healthy; exercise more; lose weight; save money; make better investments; maybe even help the environment. Have you thought about how your friends at Smith’s can help you with all these resolutions? If you want to eat healthy, lose weight, maybe even save money, now is the time … Read More